Are Superfoods Real?


Have you been obsessed with superfoods? You may be part of the majority of Americans who are!

– How true are the claims about the health benefits of superfoods?
– Are Americans really aware of the extent of the benefits of these superfoods?
– What if all these claims are nothing but propaganda? Nothing but fake information?

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If you look at the trend, there are more people who patronize superfoods products this year than in the previous years.

It’s probably safe to say that the trend is picking up well, that more and more people are believing it and are at the same time convincing other people to believe it too!

It’s basically like a snowball effect where more and more people are convinced simply because they think that it is really effective since a lot of their friends and relatives (and even icons or idols) are consuming it!

There are studies however that could possibly disprove the truth behind all the claims that superfood has, and it might be a very shocking truth to know especially for people who are too convinced about their beliefs regarding superfoods.

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