Superfood Tips: 11 Foods To Cleanse Your Liver and Lose Weight

Can I be honest with you? I used to destroy my liver. I used to party on the weekends, a lot.

But since I adopted a healthy FitLife lifestyle, I don’t party like that anymore. I’m too busy getting high on the juice!

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Video summary:

Juice, baby! I’m sure you’ve heard about all of these cleanses you can do. And we all know that juice cleanses are part of the FitLife philosophy, right?

But do you know why people cleanse aside from the potential physical benefits? Liver detoxification. And why is that so important? Now, let’s take a look at it. The liver is the second largest, dose-largest organ in the body after the skin.

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It sits, right here, on right side of the belly. It’s about the size of a football, and it weighs roughly three pounds. Here’s where it gets interesting though, so pay attention.

It performs over five hundred functions and two hundred of those happen in your body simultaneously, every single day, without you even knowing about it.

The human body is a miracle machine. Everything you breathe, everything you swallow, goes through your liver, into your bloodstream, stimulates that mitochondria on the cell level.