Scientific Studies on 🍇 Acai Berries ( Video )

Clinical Studies on Acai Berries

An evidence-based systematic review of acai berries was recently published by the national standards research collaboration in an impartial scientific body that refuses it to take support from product manufacturers cited by the World Health Organization.

As one of the most authoritative sources on such matters what did they find whenever a new purported superfood hits the market the first thing researchers tend to do is look at its chemistry such as antioxidant capacity.

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Video Summary:

Which was done back in 2006 based on one measure at the highest antioxidant capacity of any food reported to date a remarkable finding I reported at the time arguing that despite its cost frozen acai pulp represented one of the best antioxidant bangs for one’s buck.

But still we didn’t know what it did outside of a test tube the next step is to go from test tube to petri dish and try it out on some human cells they dripped the concentration of a sigh berry phytonutrients one would expect in one’s bloodstream after eating them.

On some blood cancer cells taken from a woman with leukemia and saw a dramatic rise in cancer cell mortality in fact about twice what was found previously using similar concentrations of hibiscus tea on the same cancer acai was also found to boost immune cell function.

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Extremely low doses here are some videos of white blood cells gobbling up invading yeast um nom nom nom nom come back here isn’t that amazing they’re like sucking them up like Slurpees I could I could watch these all day anyway.

Sprinkle some acai berry powder on them and they gobble more with no acai for breakfast white blood cells were able to engulf about 140 yeast but in the presence of a tiny amount of berry powder they engulfed closer to 200.

Slowly but surely researchers began piecing together the mechanism by which a sigh affected cellular function still no human studies though researchers moved from cells to animal models who could forget the addition of acai to cigarettes has a protective effect against emphysema in mice.

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Instead of adding berries to their cigarettes though it might be easier to just encourage the mice to quit smoking but then finally starting in 2011 studies on actual people pain reduction and improvement in range of motion after daily consumption of an acai in about a dozen folks with painful conditions like osteoarthritis after three months antioxidant levels went up and pain levels went down