Superfoods 🍓 Are Useless, So Let’s Stop Using It?


When we hear of food that is popular, we get curious and this curiosity can sometimes get the best of us.

– Superfoods have been making its way up the popularity chart since the day it came out.
– People can’t get enough of it.
– The snowball effect is simply unstoppable as people keep recommending them to each other.

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Have you tried eating superfoods?

Did it really have a good effect on you and your health in general?

Many people may answer that the effect is just psychological… and that there really isn’t that much effective for them. To be fair, there are claims too that superfoods are really effective.

This debate has been ongoing ever since day 1 that superfoods debuted.

Scientists are also divided when it comes to this topic, some totally attest to the health benefits that these superfoods can offer, while there are also some who think that it’s all propaganda and that it really has nothing to offer; so might as well stop buying and eating them!

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