I Am Selfish If I Have My Own List Of Self Care Routine? 👴🏻

How do we know the limit to which we cross the line between self-care and selfishness?

– It is a very common feeling for people to be shy or aloof when discussing self-care.
– Many people are hesitant to go around discussing it due to possible misjudgment.
– It’s important to remember that self-care is essential for everyone, no matter what.

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Regardless of what other people have to say, always remember what’s really important and whose opinion should matter the most – yourself and your sanity.

Since it’s a given that our day to day schedule can become too hectic that we may have no time left for ourself and for our needs. This simple yet important practice must be done by all individuals, especially those who want to improve emotional and psychological stability.

Self-care is one of the many ways to ensure that our body gets the proper care that it will need and experts want people to understand that self-care is far from the misconception that it’s the same as being selfish when in fact it’s just a matter of looking out for the family or for one’s self.

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