Self-Care Activities – Social Activities

As a worker, friend or parent it can be hard to find that balance between living up to our expectations and obligations and doing things for ourselves.

You will find that if you make time to practice self-care, your happiness and health will be dramatically improved.

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Another type of self-care activity that may surprise you is that there are some situations where being more social can help. While self-care is more about taking care of yourself, that doesn’t always mean doing it alone. Sometimes, what you need is to spend time with others.

In some cases, this means spending quality time with your friends or family, while in others, it is about getting out of your comfort zone to meet new people.

Here are some social activities to consider for self-care:

Take a Class

Self-care doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. You can find a very reliable network of support in your own community. Self-care is all about finding out what you like, what makes you happy and making time for it.

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If you need to boost your social circle, try taking a class through your local community center. You may find a new hobby that you never thought to try. Most community centers offer classes in everything from cooking to jewelry making to do-it-yourself soap making!

You could learn a new skill or take a class on learning a new language. If there’s something that has been on your bucket list, you can bet that your community center has a class for it. Many community centers also pride themselves on being an affordable option for community members, so take advantage of what your town has to offer.

Join a Running Club or Sports League

If running is something that you enjoy, you do not have to do it solo! Join a running club for some added social interactions to your daily workout. You can find running clubs of all levels at your local running shop.

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Additionally, if you are looking for a more social activity that helps you get fit at the same time you could join a recreational league for a sport that you enjoy playing. Gyms, bars and maybe even your office will often have softball, volleyball or basketball leagues depending on the season.

You don’t need to be a star athlete to join either, most leagues are centered around just having fun. Bowling leagues can also be a fun way to meet new people. Join with a friend or on your own and enjoy a few games once a week.


It is possible to practice self-care while also helping others. Volunteering can be a very rewarding way to spend your free time. You’ll feel good while offering your services to organizations that desperately need the help.

Pick an organization that you fully believe in and will have no problem committing to. If you are an animal lover, try to volunteer a few times a month for the local Humane Society or animal shelter. Having pets can actually be really beneficial to your mental health and may help alleviate anxiety and depression.

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Unfortunately, not everyone is able to keep an animal so volunteering can be an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of having a pet without the responsibilities. If you do have a dog already as a pet, taking them to the dog park is a fun, social activity that allows you to spend some qualify time with your favorite furry friend.

Spending More Time at Home

You may be someone who wants to practice self-care by getting away from work responsibilities and financial stress so you can do nothing more than spend time with your family. That’s okay! In fact, it is a great way to be social and practice self-care at the same time.

Here are some different ways to do this:

Have a family game night – Want to spend more time at home with your family? Why not have a game night! This is so much fun and everyone gets involved.

Kids of all ages, including teenagers, will enjoy this. You can draw game titles from a hat each week to decide what you will play next, or have the kids rotate by each of them choosing a different game each week. There are a lot of games specifically for families that are really fun to play.

Invite friends over for a dinner party – If it has been a while since you have spent time with your friends, you don’t necessarily need to go out to see them.

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Another way to practice self-care by spending time with friends is to have them over for a dinner party. This can be a casual gathering, or you can have a fancy dinner party to make it extra-special.

Do your friends enjoy games? Turn that game night into a friends night. Spend a day out with the kids – The kids might want to spend more time with you, so you can do this simply by spending the day with them.

It doesn’t need to be an expensive outing like an amusement park either. Head to a nearby park or beach to enjoy the day, go on a long hike with the kids and dogs, or spend time at home baking or doing crafts. They will enjoy anything they get to do with you.

As you can see, there are a lot of fun and relaxing self-care activities that you can do with others.