Seaweed 🌿 Is A Superfood? Malaysia Thinks So And They Want The Whole 🌐 World To Know More About It

Malaysia believes that seaweed is a superfood and in order to let the whole world believe it, they are seeking to be recognized by United Nation’s Food And Agriculture Organization.

Malaysia wants the United Nations to recognize seaweed as a superfood.
– Seaweed is one of the biggest superfoods from Malaysia.
– Seaweed may be used as an alternative for…

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Malaysia’s Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries said that seaweed is one of the best superfoods their country can offer since it contains lots of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The claimed superfood is also the base ingredient for most crackers and it is also used for medicinal purposes.

They want the claimed superfood to be promoted because they want to increase its value in order to help the seaweed farmers in their country.

According to other studies, seaweed should really be considered as a superfood because it could substitute the use of salt. It may also be used as a healthier alternative as a binder in cooking.

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