What Are The 3 Things that Sabotage your Weight Loss?

Weightloss Self Sabotage

What is weightloss self sabotage? Whether you are trying to lose 10 or 100 pounds, you don’t have to torture your body or overwhelm yourself with all that weight loss madness like slimming shakes, crash diets, diet pills and so on. Many people worry so much about losing weight that they find it difficult to focus on the important things.

Common weightloss self sabotage mistakes

You don’t have to over-work your body, instead a 15-min workout or a simple walk everyday is enough. Expecting instant overnight results will only de-motivate you so make sure you set small goals and try to achieve them. Allow your body to adapt to the changes gradually and enjoy dieting rather than making it your nightmare.

Being slim as a threat to others?

But why do people who know us well or even love us make it so difficult for us to lose weight? The US online magazine Quartzy gives several reasons, some of which are well-intentioned, others sound slightly crazy, the first for example:

So others can perceive the announcement of wanting to be slim soon as a threat, psychologists have found out. After all, research showed: Thinner women are on average more privileged, they are seen as more successful and attractive. The idea that one is serious and will soon be “slimmer and more beautiful” can therefore trigger competitive pressure or even feelings of inferiority in the other person

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3. Thinking you have to make big changes to lose weight

ou don’t have to start working out four hours a day to see results. Small changes add up big time! You don’t need radical change to see weight loss results.Don’t underestimate the power of your small daily decisions.The Solution: Start making small decisions every day to see a big difference in your health. Prove to yourself that small changes work.

Try to make your days active. Pace. Stand up. Do some squats while you brush your teeth. Stretch. Eat mindfully. Try some ​planks during a commercial break. Drink more water. Park far away from where you are headed and get more steps in. Add more veggies to your plate. Prep a healthy meal ahead of time. Eat colorfully. Try making ​healthier desserts. (I linked this to your website recipes) Walk more. Dance. Sweat. A healthier you is truly within reach. Create a healthy lifestyle you can live with long-term and you will watch yourself transform naturally. And while eating clean and…………….

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