Relationship Goals? Check Out This Couple Who Lost Weight Together! 😍


From obese to fit… find out this couple’s wonderful journey in weight loss!

– Samantha and Rick are true relationship goals!
– These two have been working out to lower down their weight and keep a fit body.
– So what are their routine and how did these two get started?

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Relationships are not always about love, it’s also about health.

One couple from Missouri wanted to prove to the world that anything is possible, as long as you have the will power and your partner’s full support.

Luckily for them both, they have each other’s support when it comes to their desire to lose some pounds… to be more specific, around 19 stones all in all (that’s a whopping 266 pounds!).

So how did they do the seemingly impossible?
They exercised almost every day, like for 6 days a week, and they were also very conscious with their diet; maintaining a low-carb meal daily.

It all started when they saw their own pictures and realized just how obese they were, and it motivated them to lose some excess fats – not just for physical reasons, but for health reasons as well.

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