Peruan Antiaging Superfoods??

There are some interesting Peruvian superfoods which are ideal for summer and these include Lúcuma which is a tropical fruit found in Peru. It is naturally sweet and has low glycemic index of 25. It is ideal for those who are afraid of blood sugar. Camu-camu is another super food, a berry that is found in Amazon.

More vitamines than a orange?

It has 60 times more Vitamin C than a orange. Purple Corn is a native of Peru and staple diet. It is purple because of its nutrients such as anthocyanins. Pichuberry is a small orange and another super food. It contains withanolides in large amount. It is known to prevent cancer growth. Cacao that is used for chocolate making is also great as superfood. The bean has minerals and anti- ageing components.

  • Cacao. Resembling the coffee bean, cacao is a tiny brown bean
    used in the process of chocolate making. As many chocolate products are
    diluted with sugars and fillers, the higher percent of cacao bean, the
    higher the quality of chocolate. This bean is packed with minerals and
    anti-aging antioxidants, and is rich in B-complex vitamins as well as
    vitamins A, C and E – making your Cacao paleta a deliciously natural
  • These are my fun and nutritiously quenching paletas. The recipes are
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