These Are Not Just Herbs, These Are 🍅🥔 Superfoods!

Intestinal Health

There are many ways a single herb can spice up your dish. Planting rare herbs makes it easier to get them when you need them, and it also ensures their freshness.

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-You can refresh your cooking ingredients by growing rare herbs from seed.
-These herbs will very flavorful and worth the buy.
-You can enjoy the process of growing them in your own yard.

Three of the most common herbs we immediately think of when we are in the kitchen are basil, parsley, and rosemary.

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Like any human, we just have to explore beyond these 3 essential herbs and discover newer ones that are rarely used but can prove to be very promising when it comes to adding flavor to your home-cooked meal.

Aside from that, herbs are well-known to boost our health and well-being.

Here are 10 not-so-popular herbs to keep in mind the next time you prepare a meal:

1. Sweet bergamot
2. Lettuce-leaved basil
3. Summer savory
4. Mitsuba
5. Tulsi
6. Korean mint
7. Houttuynia cordata
8. Par-cel
9. Chop suey greens
10. Vietnamese coriander

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In this article, Alys Fowler tells us more about each herb and where you can buy seeds to start your own little herb garden at home