Natural Cooking Without Destroying The Vitamines?

Is Natural Cooking the way without destroying the Vitamines? Cooking food often leads to destruction of the essential nutrients required by the body and this mainly due to the method of cooking that people practice.

If you too are concerned about losing the important nutritional values then it is essential that you remember a few important points while cooking.

Cooking without destroying vitamines?

Cooking for too long can destroy the vitamins so make sure you don’t over heat your food. Also remember to keep the temperatures low as this helps keep the nutrients intact. Try to use less amount of water while cooking, and steam vegetables instead of boiling them to keep your food more nutritious.

Cooking methods that will help you to maintain nutritional values

1. Reduce the amount of cooking water
When you cook corns on the cob, use their cooking water for soup or
rice, so the vitamins A, B and iron that are in the cooking water won’t
go down the drain, but will go instead to you body.

2. Steam vegetables rather than boiling them
Steam cooking is cooking at a lower temperature than boiling or in the
oven, and thus the impact on vitamins and minerals is small. In
addition, we save the cooking water and preserve most of the minerals in
the food. You can steam almost all vegetables – zucchini, squash,
carrots and so on.

3. Crock pot baking vegetables in their skin
Here too there is no use of cooking water. For example: cooking potato
with their skins preserves the vitamins and minerals. That way you can
retain about 80% …………….. read more about natural cooking: