Superfood Tips: Metabolism Boosting Foods to Lose Weight


Tips on metabolism boosting foods that I did see one of my favorite drinks there on the table yeah.

The kombucha right which you were she was trying to explain to me what it is which dr. Randy drugs all have you explained a little better.

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Because I know I think she wanted me to try and she didn’t want to tell me too much info she was worried.

I wouldn’t want to try it who doesn’t want to be healthy happy and thin which is why we have you guys in.

Today I see a lot of green things yes we’re talking about metabolism boosting foods things that you should be eating so they’re gonna boost your metabolism so let’s start here.

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Yeah let’s stop with the avocado think about that this is really a superfood you know they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away I really think we should add avocado to that okay it’s loaded with potassium.

60% more than a banana with no sugar. Wow lots of healthy fats it’s really a fruit saw call it a frat okay if you were gonna eat this did you just eat it plain by itself guacamole chopped it up on a salad.

It’s hoping you wouldn’t want a smoothie it might be creamy so a great way to get some healthy fats in your system. Learn more in the video!