Love Purple 🍇 Foods? You Have Every REASON TO!


Scan the social media newsfeed and you will see that one of the most attractive colors is PURPLE!

– Studies reveal that there’s a reason why purple is such eye-catching color.
– In social media, purple can really be very helpful if you want to get noticed.
– In food, purple is not only appealing to look at, but it’s also very healthy.

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Health experts are encouraging people to eat more of the colorful superfoods and not just settle for the green ones always.

Some of the colors that people should really start munching on are the purple colors because of its very appetizing effect to people, and now experts think that these purple food are also a great source of various nutrients that can really be helpful in maintaining one’s overall wellness.

Studies show that purple foods are rich in flavonoid anthocyanin that basically is a great antioxidant.

So the next time you see these purple goodies, know that they are good for MORE than just aesthetic reasons, they are also beneficial to your health.

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