What Do I Need To Know About The Organic Food 😍 Craze?


Organic foods and products are becoming more and more popular, but if you don’t know a lot about organic food; you probably don’t realize why they’re worth spending the extra money on. Here’s some information that will hopefully help you make the healthy switch to organics.

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With most foods, producers must list their ingredients, but you’re left on the dark on how those ingredients are grown and processed.

With certified organic food, you know exactly how the food was grown, processed, and that all the ingredients contained are natural and virtually free of harmful chemicals. With organics, you can feel assured that your family is getting healthy, quality products.

Is organic food free from pesticides?

One of the most publicized benefits of eating organic food is that it’s grown free of pesticides, herbicides, unnatural fertilizers and other potentially harmful chemicals. If produce is grown using these chemicals, they remain present in the plant and can be found in your body if you eat them.

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These are chemicals that, since being approved for widespread use, have been linked to cancer, heart disease, and other life threatening illnesses. Chemical buildup in you body can also cause you to store fat more easily and metabolize food less efficiently.

Dairy cows are given growth hormone?

While many people focus on the benefits and decreased risk of eating organic produce, they often neglect organic meat and dairy products. In order to increase milk production, many dairy cows are given a bovine growth hormone.

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This is passed into the milk you drink and may cause an increase in cancers. These hormones may also cause infections that can also be carried with the milk if it isn’t properly treated.

Harmful hormones are also given to beef cattle to increase their size. These hormones are not allowed in the production of organic beef and dairy products.

Organic food contains more vitamins?

An additional benefit of organic food is that it contains more vitamins and nutrients than traditionally grown plants. These nutrients have been known to prevent heart disease, prevent cancer, build strong bones, treat PMS and depression, and even help prevent you from dying during a heart attack.

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These beneficial materials help keep you feeling better and keep you from getting sick less often. They also help your system function more efficiently; just as decreased chemicals do. A more efficient system means you have more energy to get up move and face your day.

Eating organic products is beneficial to help keep your body in working order, but it’s even more important for the health of your children. To aid in growth, children eat more pound for pound than adults do.

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That means they’re taking in a lot more of these chemicals. These chemicals also can have more toxic affects on children when present in the same concentrations as in adults. That’s why it’s important to monitor what your children eat and make sure it contains lots of healthy, safe organic foods.

Not too long ago, you had to travel all around town just to get a few organic vegetables. Now you cannot only find organic vegetables at grocery stores, but also organic meats, pastas, and even deodorant.

If you shop around, you may also be able to find these products at reasonable prices as well. This means that you have no more excuses to put off eating healthier organic foods today. So get out there and start your new healthy life.