Is 🍀 Kale More Than Just A Garnish?


Experts believe that kale could be more than just another garnish. This green superfood actually has a lot to offer!

– Americans have been seeing green leafy kale in their dishes, as a side garnish.
– Many might have even ignored it and did not even bother to eat it.
– New studies show that kale should be given more attention because of the nutritional benefit we could get from eating it.

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Kale – dark blue-green in color with curly edges and usually seen as mere decorations on your elegant-looking plate. That’s the common role of kale in the kitchen, a garnish placed on the side to decorate the plate and to make the oily and (possibly) unhealthy main dish look better.

Nutritionists are now raising awareness that these green and leafy kale should be given more credit and attention. Recent studies have shown that they actually belong to the superfoods group because they offer more nutritional benefits than we initially thought.

So maybe it’s time to increase our eating habits of kale, and make it a main dish instead of just a garnishing on the sides?

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