Is The Acai Berry Healthy? (Video)

The Acai berry is a small fruit, round and dark purple, which closely looks like a grape or a blueberry besides that a large seed inhabits its core.

This berry is the fruit of high as well as slender hand trees which increase to a height of 15-30 meters and are native to the tropical rain forest in South America.

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An intriguing truth pertaining to them is that these are born upon trees in numbers wherein each tree can birth in between 3 and also 8 numbers of this fruit at any offered point in time.

Side breakdown of the berry reveals that the exocarp, implying the outer treatment of the berry transforms deep purple just after ripening, however in situation of some varieties it has actually been understood to keep its environment-friendly shade also.

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The seed of the berry is called endocarp and also make up virtually eighty percent of the fruit. Sandwiched between both is the mesocarp, which is the fleshy section of uniform thickness and also happens to be the edible part of the fruit.

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