Is Organic 🌿 Food The Healthier Alternative?


Since organic food started to gain popularity in the late 1990’s, people have been skeptical about the superiority of organics. Many people claimed that the benefits of organic over traditional products could not be proven. The truth is that there had simply not been enough testing done to prove the benefits of organic products or the drawbacks of traditionally produced food.

There have been various studies done to show the improved nutritional value of organic agriculture by analyzing the vitamin, nutrient, and mineral content of both organically and traditionally grown produce.

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There are significantly higher levels of various components in organic products, including:

* Chromium, prevents hardening of the arteries and type 2 diabetes
* Calcium and Boron, build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis
* Lithium, a common chemical in antidepressants and mood stabilizers
* Salicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory which can prevent heart disease
* Antioxidants, protect cells from damage
* Magnesium, helps prevent death during a heart attack
* Selenium, helps prevent heart disease and certain cancers
* Vitamin C, builds the immune system

While this list seems rather long, it’s not complete. While these nutrients have been found organic produce, they aren’t the only ones. This list could also get longer as more research is done about the nutrient benefits of organic food.

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While it’s important to look at the beneficial properties of organic food, we must take into account the harmful effects of traditionally grown foods to fully understand why organic food is superior.

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