How To Transform Your Skin And Look 💖 Years Younger (Video)


Younger looking skin younger looking you today. I have a wonderful combination of ingredients for you that I just mix together to create this awesome amazing facial mask.

Video Summary:

Now this facial mask is going to do all that I mentioned and probably even more and I’m using just two ingredient in this facial mask to ingredient that you can readily find in your kitchen. So if you’re interested if you’re curious if you just want to see what these two ingredients can do to your skin.

Our first ingredient is egg. And this is a medium egg and I’m using egg in this recipe because egg contain vitamin A. Now when you apply by to mean a on the skin is going to help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Egg also will have a wonderful estrogen properties. Now when use on the skin will have to shrink large pores. Will also have to tighten and firm the skin and it will leave your skin just mold and glow in our next ingredient is potato and this is called Irish potato depending on where you are live in.

Also just regular plain old potato. So this is not sweet potatoes. Just take a look at it. It is just your regular potato.

No potato can do wonders for the skin. It contains vitamin B vitamin C iron and calcium when applied. What they did to your skin is going to get rid of the eye for pregnant stations such as Atmos cars dark spots Pampers blemish it you name it.

How to get a nice glow to your skin?

But data is also going to have your skin really clear and it’s going to leave a nice glow to your skin.

So when I mix the potato in this recipe with this egg you’re going to see a wonderful it is to the skin you’re going to need a greater. And you’re also going to need a strainer now for this recipe.

I’m only going to be using two medium potato and the first thing I’m going to do I’m going to wash and pin the potato. Now if you have a potato peeler go ahead and use that. I’m going to use a knife because I find that I go much faster with the knife. So you’re just gonna peel your potato.

skin does not improve even though you invest a lot of time and effort? One of these 10 skin care mistakes could be the cause.

There are many things that can go wrong with skin care. Because with the wrong products or bad habits, the skin’s appearance will deteriorate rather than improve. There are a few things you should consider if you want to have beautiful skin. Today we will explain how to do it right and which mistakes you should avoid.

Wrong order of the skin products

The order plays a very important role. Of course, you don’t have to use a peeling or a mask every day, but it is important to know which product is used when.

The following rule applies here: First of all, the complete make-up is removed and the face is cleaned with a washing gel. Afterwards a gentle peeling is applied if necessary. After cleansing and peeling, a toner is applied to clarify the skin.

Now comes a very important part, the serum. Serums are applied directly to the skin, as this is the best way to absorb them. If necessary, a mask suitable for your skin type can be used 1-2 times a week. The face cream is applied at the very end.