How To Get Rid Of 💥Sunburn Fast?


I know it’s not the most fancy topic to talk about but let’s be honest Summer is officially here and sunburns are bound to happen. So that’s why in today’s video I’ll be sharing with you guys my five tips and how to prevent and how to heal sunburns.

So if you guys wanna see what might have stopped. Keep watching. Let’s start with the first.

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Video Summary:

Now this may be the best tip I want to give you guys in this entire video because it has helped me so much with sunburns and with dry skin and the product that I use is called Black Soul bass that comes in this huge jar.

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It also comes in a little. Squirt thing too as well. But this is amazing. It’s a great moisturizing cream. It’s hypoallergenic perfume free let alone free non greasy and it’s water soluble.

I love this because what happens when you get a sunburn is. Your skin gets red get itchy it hurts. And what I do when I get home and I feel like I’ve gotten a sunburn I’ll put a thin layer of blood flow based on it’s actually very thick.

Awesome Cream For Sunburn?

So you only really need a little bit. And it’s just like a white cream. It’s very nice but there is no scent. It’s just an awesome cream for somebody because when you get a sunburn you want to make sure that area is moisturizer and hydrated.

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So that’s always really really helps with that. Also this moisturizing cream is really good for dry skin. And for me I tend to have more dry skin on my legs and on my arms so whenever I use it it makes my entire body feel silky smooth.

It is a bit on the thicker side. But if you have dry skin and you tend to get sunburned it’s a great product. And it’s not anything fancy it’s just a really basic run of the mill really good horse race. So if you guys want more information on it I’ll put a link in the description box below.

Baking Soda for For Sunburn?

Next up. Tip number two. I love using baking soda and cold water and we want to do is add those three ingredients together. And form a pace and then put that over your sunburn. It really helps with the itchiness and that hot feeling when you get a sunburn.

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Also it’s really good for mosquito bite. So if you’re like me and mosquitoes love you baking soda and cold water also helps with health without itchiness. So make sure you have baking soda around. Moving right along. Tip number three.

Grab a bowl play some water in it and then play some. Ice cubes in it. Then put a few drops of peppermint oil in it. Now we want to do is grab a towel. Ring it out. Place it in the bowl and let it sit for about 15 minutes when the time is up.

Pick it up ring it out and place it onto your sunburn. Now the peppermint oil is really good for that cooling effect and also the ice water can really help with any burning itchy feeling sensations.

And this is great for when you get sunburns.