How is Dr. Gloria Chacon connected with Maca? (Maca Question Videos)

Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popovici is a renowned biologist from South America who is known to isolate the four alkaloids that are responsible for nutritional and medicinal effects of Maca in 1960. Dr. Chacon has worked with Universities and the United Nations in North and South America to provide a strong commitment and bring about the knowledge of Maca to the nations that are troubled with hormones-inducing malnutrition, illnesses, and osteoporosis.

She worked with her husband, until his death in 1990 and after that she turned to her passion and research on maca roots. With the combination of her skills and knowledge in the medicinal plants, she proved the various medicinal and nutritional benefits of maca.

Her studies on the herb have proved to be highly useful for the field and numerous aspects of this medicinal plant have surfaced. She has also authored a book which explains the effect of maca on the overall health of human beings and animals.

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