How Can I Implement A Healthy Lifestyle? (Video)


So the first thing that you want to do is check in mentally your mental state and your mindfulness is a huge component into starting a healthy lifestyle.

Video Summary:

You can not start a healthy lifestyle if you are not mentally in it to win it. You kind of have to analyze where you are right now you obviously are watching this video because you want to implement more healthy habits into your life.

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So start with your mindset see where you are. Look at the space around you. Look at yourself mentally emotionally physically your space where you are right now

And when you check in except where you are because this is where it’s at right now there’s no point in dwelling in the past or taking that negative mindset with you through creating and implementing a healthier lifestyle.

Except the space that you’re in right now. You want to create mindfulness and mindfulness is creating space for what’s happening right here and right now you don’t want to think in the past and you don’t want to think in the future.

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So creating this mindset in this mindfulness in the beginning of your healthy lifestyle journey is going to be detrimental to the success of it.

So our mindset is kind of like an iceberg 10 percent of our mind is the reflection of what we see externally. But 90 percent of our mindset stems from the internal reflection that we see our internal world rather than the physical world.

You can create mindfulness through a multitude of different exercises meditation yoga journaling listening to music taking a nature walk practice gratitude positive self talk positive narrative except positive intentions for your day.

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Little things like that can definitely help in the mindfulness department. So the second step in implementing a healthy lifestyle is to give up your bad habits to make way for the new healthy habits.

We all know what our bad habits are. We have habits are things that we do in our life that doesn’t make us feel good emotionally physically. And you know very well what that is in your life whether that’s a person a job your diet not working out not getting enough sleep.