How Can I Harvest Herbs Now For Year-Round Culinary Adventures?

How Can I Harvest Herbs

This time of the year is great for gardening so if you have a vegetable garden then you can harvest some fresh vegetables to enjoy a delicious homemade soup. In case you do not have a vegetable garden then also you can take advantage of the season by growing some pot herbs in your window sill.

How Can I Harvest Herbs?

Adding fresh herbs to your food can not only add taste but also increase the nutritional value. Herbs are easy to grow and most of them
need less maintenance. Some of the common herbs that you may grow in your home are rosemary, lavender, thyme, and chamomile. Herbs can be used fresh or they may also be dried and stored for later use.

For leafy herbs such as oregano and basil, the oil is at the maximum just as the flowers begin to open. Flower herbs like chamomile should be harvested when the flowers are fully in bloom. In Marin, June is a good time to harvest
lavender, just before the bracts open.

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