How Does Your Body React To Essential Oils? 🤯

Essential Oil Body

A lot of experts are currently looking into the possibility of the effects of essential oils to the human endocrine system.

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-What is the endocrine system?
– Is it a bad thing if my endocrine system gets disrupted?
– Are essential oils really affected my endocrine rhythm?

Just recently, a doctor that specializes in the the Endocrine System, is studying the possible linkage of essential oil usage with the increasing prevalence of gynecomastia in prepubertal boys.

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This Spring, a lot of controversies has been linked to the said topic, since parents are alarmed that the supposedly-beneficial essential oil might actually be causing their families more harm than good.

The study is now currently being given serious attention, and essential oil users are given firm warnings about the possible long term effects of these essential oils that have not yet been discovered.

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