Holistic And Traditional – The New Way For Healing?

yay-5884546-digitalAt Health 180, Montville, patients are being offered the best of both worlds – holistic practice and traditional medicine. It provides a unique dual-approach with traditional exam rooms, a sensory area, and a craniosacral therapy space. This approach at Health 180 is being considered as a revolutionary health turnaround.

Use of both traditional and holistic methods?

According to the health care professionals, this idea allows the practitioners to make use of both traditional and holistic methods as required for complete healing. The blend of both these approaches will help patients take advantage of alternative treatments. The ultimate aim is to keep people out of hospital as much as possible.

And the practice plans to continue the policy of “not going right to medications” when dealing with physical issues that might be more tied to diet or lifestyle, they said. Among the services offered at the office are massage and craniosacral therapy, which uses light touch to treat a wide range of symptoms.

“We are trying to align the body with health,” said Todd Selik, who specializes in craniosacral therapy. “We want to make it better, whatever it is.”

Plasse, who spent two decades as an intensive care nurse in Massachusetts before moving to Connecticut in 1995, said she emphasizes to her patients the importance of exercise and eating right. But she has found a significant proportion of the population is so used to a sedentary lifestyle and processed foods that it is difficult for them to make a change.

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