Herbal Gifts For Christmas!

Would you love to give a nice personalized gift to someone you love? A gift that might help cure health problems of any kind.

This holiday season you may learn to make unique personalized herbal remedies for people you really care, and you can learn all that and much more at the Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary.

Offering special classes this December and ……….

This is a herbal shop which specializes in special natural remedies ranging from stress to sleep aids. It is offering special classes this December and it helps people learn how to make natural gifts. At Golden Poppy, you can learn to make vinegars, herbal oils, aromatherapy sprays, and herbal tea blending.

“I decided that Fort Collins needed a place for people to learn about
herbs,” Josey said. “Because if I wanted to learn about them, I was
sure that there were others who wanted to learn about them too.”

For the holidays, Golden Poppy is offering classes for people to learn how to make herbal oils and vinegars, herbal tea blending and aromatherapy sprays.

Classes allow attendees to leave with one creation for themselves in addition to the recipe and knowledge to make more at home.

Royce Hoffner wrote the article on: http://www.collegian.com/


Author: Superfood