Ever Thought About What Are The Healthiest 🍒Superfoods? Here’s The Ranking

Berries, vegetables, egg, and many more are consider superfoods. Here’s a ranking as to what is the healthiest and what’s down the list.

– The top superfood according to a study is the watercress.
– The least healthy of the superfoods is the grapefruit.
– It is best to also eat…

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Scientists at the William Paterson University tested all these superfoods and how they fared in fighting diseases. The number 1 superfood was determined to be watercress. It was followed by chinese cabbage, chard, beet green, and spinach.

For the 26th to the 30th spots, the scientists determined that the superfoods that belonged to this group are carrots, tomatoes, lemons, iceberg lettuce, and strawberries.

As for the 36th to the 41st spot of healthy superfoods, the scientists determined them to be rutabaga, turnip, blackberry, leek, sweet potato, and grapefruit. The scientists noted that it is best to eat all of the superfoods on the list as well as whole grains, other vegetables, and beans.

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