Is Genetic Barcoding Of Superfoods Necessary?


The number of exotic superfoods is fast-growing, and the mix-up of these products are becoming prone.

– When superfoods are exotic, they tend to have a lesser chance of passing through QA and proper identification.
– Exotic products consumption can sometimes lead to identification mix-up.
– Genetic barcoding will prevent the said mix-up and counterfeit.

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For the safety of consumers, it is best to make sure that the products they consume are genuine and are not a mere identical look-alike. Superfoods are becoming more and more popular, and many people are turning their attention to exotic superfoods.

However, there is a great danger imposing the local distribution and consumption of these exotic superfoods. There are a high tendency and risk that the wrong plant is extracted and sold in the market due to similarities in appearance.

This is dangerous because consumers may actually be buying and eating foods they don’t intend to eat.

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