How To Fuel My Body With 🍆 Super Foods? ( Video )


Chlorophyll is the pigment the green pigment that we see in kale and all these other greens that allows the absorption of the sun. The sun energy which is really cool.

The United States Army did a study with guinea pigs and what they found that when they were injecting these guinea pigs with lethal doses of radiation and the guinea pigs that were eating a diet rich in chlorophyll.

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They had half the mortality rate of the ones that weren’t. Pretty cool stuff. I mean, if we think about it right? radiations are all over the place.

It’s an EA mass, it’s in our WiFi technology that we have in our homes. The Fukushima disaster right? So there’s this toxic waste that’s flooding in the sea, everything, so it pays to have a diet that’s rich in chlorophyll.

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And we can get that from kale, from collard greens, from chlorella which is one of the only superfoods on the planet that multiplies itself four times in 24 hours, pretty cool stuff! And one of my personal favorites is wheat grass.

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Hmm. I love wheat grass. It’s seventy percent chlorophyll it actually can help you with hunger cravings, can curb your appetite for me it gives my mind energy.

I actually feel like it’s switched on when I have a little bit wheat grass and if you’ve ever been to a juice bar where they’re actually serving wheatgrass , they show that its equivalent to two, two and a half pounds of fruits and veggies with all that enzymes, aminos, the chlorophyll the different things that are in it so wheat grass is absolutely amazing. Learn more in the video!