How Can I Maintain My 🌿 Herb’s Freshness?

Do you want to make the most of your herbs? Prepare them well, and you reap the pleasure of enjoying them fresh!

– Herb gardening is seasonal.
– You can practice special techniques to ensure that your herbs remain fresh.
– Many of these techniques are fairly easy to do.

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As the season changes from Winter to Spring, so will the colors of your herb garden. From a blanket of white, it will now slowly start to turn into warm shades of green – a good sign that your herbs are ready to sprout again.

Among the herbs that you can count on to grow back after the ice melts are mint, thyme, rosemary, and oregano. This is indeed one happy season for herb lovers like you and me.

Mother nature has done her share in gifting us with the herb’s life, it is now up for us to nourish it until it is time to harvest it and enjoy it while it is fresh.

Becky Krystal shares detailed tips on how to grow, prepare, harvest, and handle herbs to guarantee its freshness –

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