Food Waste – International Problem?

Food wastage takes place at every stage of the food chain and this causes a great impact on the environment.

About 24 percent of the food that is prepared is wasted while travelling from the farmlands to your plate and the percentage of wastage is high in the United States. World Food Day is celebrated on October 16 and it addresses the issue of food wastage.

How much food is being wasted?

In several countries, many people go to bed hungry and this percentage
can also be lowered by addressing the problem of food wastage. According
to a study, nearly half of the food is wasted in the final consumption
phase in North America, Europe, and Oceania.

The World Resources Institute is working on an initiative to better
measure food waste globally, which is expected to be released some time
next year. “This is based on the idea that what gets measured gets
managed,” writes World Resources Institute’s Brian Lipinski. “How can a company or a country cut its food loss and waste if it doesn’t know how much food is being wasted to begin ………..

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