What Are The Top 🍏 Food Trends For 2019?


The year 2019 came and people seem to want to get into their healthier and wiser self.

– Health trends have varied from time to time.
– There are trends that come and go, and then there are trends that ultimately become a permanent practice.
– For 2019, there are many new trends arising due to health consciousness of many people worldwide.

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Superfoods are nowhere to be out of the popularity radar for 2019’s health trend. It might even be at the center of it all!

As more and more people are becoming health conscious, more and more trends develop too. This year 2019, let’s have a look at the top food trend that many people have been religiously following, in high hopes that their body will become (or remain) healthy and young-looking.

Here are the top six food trends, as per highlighted and voted by some of the most healthy living humans on the planet:

1. Turmeric
2. Moringa
3. Fermented foods
4. Crickets
5. Heme
6. Intermittent Fasting

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