Fertility Rate

Recent studies show that nearly ten percent of the couples in the United States who are in their reproductive age have trouble getting pregnant and they are mainly afflicted by a wide range of fertility problems, and nearly 30 percent women are infertile in such cases.

About 30 percent of men may be having fertility rate problems and for the rest, the infertility reason is unexplained. In this post we have discussed the various fertility issues that are faced by women.

Fertility rate problems in women

Endometriosis is a common infertility rate condition which occurs when the tissues in the uterine lining grow outside the wall of the uterus. Some women may not experience much difficulty while others may have painful menstrual periods followed by pelvic pain. Women may also have painful intercourse in such a condition and a possible treatment for endometriosis is surgery of the endometrial tissue.

With the help of surgery, this endometrial tissue is taken out and the required fertility rate medication is applied with the help of artificial insemination. With the help of this surgery, you may remove the abnormal tissue or any other kind of unblocked tubes that might be responsible for infertility.

Some women also experience ovulation problems that prevent the mature eggs from budding properly inside the ovaries. Symptoms for this kind of fertility rate problem include heavy or light bleeding, irregular or absent periods. The possible treatments for this kind of medical condition are adoption, fertility drugs, and IVF.

Low quality egg is another common issue linked with infertility in women. As a woman ages, the quality and the quantity of eggs decline slowly and this might be a potential hindrance to pregnancy. This condition may be treated with the help of IVF, donor eggs, or adoption.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a medical condition when the small follicles that exist inside the ovaries and are capable of releasing eggs do not develop or mature completely. Hormonal imbalance within the body and irregular ovulation patterns may also be responsible for this condition. Common symptoms of this infertility condition are obesity, hair growth, irregular periods, and acne.

Natural treatment for fertility rate issues in women:

Maca is a potential natural treatment that helps in alleviating fertility rate issues in woman by restoring the hormonal imbalance. It improves menstrual cycle so that they are regular, controls mood swings and enhances libido in both men and women.