Are Fake Superfoods On Display In Supermarkets?


There are so many superfoods on display in almost all supermarkets everywhere you go.

– Supermarkets and food companies have felt the need to include superfoods in their main selections.
– There have been claims that fake advertisements are spurring in various supermarkets and food centers.
– Fake advertisements use images of actual superfoods in packs, but the content is different.

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Because of its popularity, superfoods have become a number one sought-after product in the food industry.

This has become an open opportunity too for sellers to market their product and allow consumers to believe that what they are buying are the real superfoods. When in fact, they are tricked by false advertisements that claim to have superfood products in the packaging, and inside are actually food products that contain only a small fraction of the nutrients.

This is considered a huge “cheat” on the part of the consumer since they are not getting what they thought they are paying for, and they are led to believe they are eating healthy.

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