What Are Exotic Superfoods?

Are you a fan of superfoods? Want to try some exotic superfoods in the market?

– When a food is exotic, it can easily be accessed since most stores have a lot of it stocked.
– Exotic superfoods are cheap and have a lot of nutritional benefits.
– In the United States, there are 3 not-so-known exotic superfoods.

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When you hear the word “superfoods”, the first few foods that will pop out of your mind are avocado, chia seeds, ginger, and even turmeric.

We have to admit, there are the more common and popular ones, but did you know that here in the United States, we actually have three exotic superfoods that offer so much health benefit, less expensive, and at the same time tastes good.

These three not-so-known superfoods deserve a spotlight once in a while:
1. The purple sweet potato.
2. Black radishes.
3. Beluga lentils.

Read Brooklyn Culinary Arts founder, Mia Stern’s, full article here – https://www.mindbodygreen.com.

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