Dr. Oz said beneficial to women in their late 30

According to Dr. Mehmet Oz and Jorge Cruise it is essential to have low carb diets for combating fibroids in women. According to Cruise it is important to choose the right carbohydrates and diet for shedding weight. Jorge says that a low carb diet with low intake of sugar balances hormone and helps in weight loss too.

Jorge says that sugar and white flour should be omitted from diet and if you have high and low carb days then the body would not feel deprived and the metabolism would increase too. According to Oz a diet low in glycemic index would ease the symptoms of fibroids.

Both Heidi and Jorge agree that omitting sugar and white flour is very crucial to the success of the diet. The body does not feel deprived when you alternate between low and high carb days, it also increases metabolism leading to weight loss, said Powell.

Jorge added that carbohydrates give women a surge in serotonin that balances the hormones, makes you happy and helps in weight loss. He recommended a consumption of 100 sugar calories on low carb days and not more than 500 sugar calories on high carb days. Also stating that one must include low carb flours like coconut flour, almond flour and flax-seed flour instead of the regular flour in their diet.

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