Do You Need Some Herb Preservation Tips?

This fall season boasts extraordinary colors that make for great view and if you love gardening then here are some great tips.

Growing herbs has become a rage throughout the country and people love growing them in gardens, backyards, and even in their window sill. The good thing about herbs is that you can have them fresh and also dry and store them for later use.

Looking for herb preservation tips?

In order to preserve herbs, you first need to dry them completely which may take about 2-3 weeks. The herbs should dry nicely, while keeping the colors and fragrance intact. You may use a dehydrator to dry many herbs in a short span of time. Remember not to crush or grind the herbs until you want to use them.

No dehydrator, no problem, just place herbs on cookie sheets and place them in your oven on the lowest temperature setting. Check about every 30 minutes and remove and cool when dry. Don’t grind or crush your herbs until you are going to use them. Crushing/grinding releases oils. You can also chop up fresh herbs, stuff them in ice cube trays, add water and freeze. When frozen pop out the cubes and place them in a freezer storage bag until needed.

Cydney Steeb wrote a wonderful article about herb preservation on: