What Is A Dietitian’s Personal Diet?

Do you want to know what a Registered Dietitians eat? Find out here!

– Registered Dietitians are one of the most health-conscious eaters in the world.
– Green powders are a mixture of dried green seaweeds, vegetables, superfood, and many more.
– These green powders are perfect for traveling because they are easy to bring and easy to prepare.

Just like anybody else, nutrition experts like Registered Dietitians are tempted to eat not-so-healthy food every now and then – especially when they are traveling or out on a vacation.

The good news is, there is now a new easy-to-carry nutritional boost that Registered Dietitians themselves consume, to balance their eating habits on a daily basis. These are called “Green powders”. Primarily from the name itself, these are powdered forms of superfoods like vegetables and seaweeds.

Here are the top two examples of green powders:
1. Sun Chlorella
2. Amazing Grass Green Superfood

To know more about them, and where to buy them, visit the full article here – https://www.mindbodygreen.com.