Crash Dieting Is Passé, Superfoods Diet Is The New ‘In’ Thing

Summer is here and many people will be considering a crash diet this season to get the perfect beach body however a crash diet can do more damage than good. A crash diet is basically a diet which includes a caloric intake which is much lower than the daily essential requirements of the body. It lacks the recommended amounts of nutrients required by the weight watchers; as a result of which most people gain weight once they get off the crash diet.

This season, say good bye to crash diets and opt for the more healthy way to get a slimmer body – the superfoods diet. With a superfood diet, you will lose inches around your waist and get back a slimmer you without having to deprive your body of the essential nutrients. So welcome summer and add the delicious superfoods in your diet to be healthier. Besides helping you watch your weight, superfoods are also useful in reducing cholesterol levels and decreasing the risk of cancer and heart problems.

What are the summer superfoods?

The most recommended and readily available superfoods for the season are spinach, blueberries, broccoli, yogurt, oats, salmon, turkey, and oranges. Spinach has a bitter taste to it, and as a result many people do not like eating it. You can include spinach in your diet by including it into a smoothie and making a great summer drink.

Blueberries are awesome for your health and as they are loaded with powerful antioxidants, it is considered as a potent superfood that helps prevent cancer. Avoid the fizzy cold drinks and replace them with delectable blueberries smoothies.

Fish helps avoid premature aging and skin problems?

Summer is the time when your skin is exposed to the sun and it might cause sun burn, inflammation in the skin, premature wrinkles and often lead to risk for skin cancer. Salmon fish contains high amounts of Omega-3 that is known to be good for heart health and it is also useful in protecting the skin. As per the Lifestyle Magazine, salmon fish also contains anti-inflammatory effects and consuming this fish can save you from sunburns and premature aging.

Forget crash dieting this season and go for a superfoods diet because they not only provide the much needed nutrition to your body but do lots more than just help you lose weight.

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