Is 🥥 Coconut Oil Losing Its Popularity?

The year 2015 was the peak of coconut oil’s fame, as it was named the favorite superfood of the year.

– Coconut oil became very popular in health and wellness community during 2015.
– It was found that virgin coconut oil could contain unwanted fats (a.k.a Saturated fats).
– This year, coconut oil is beginning to lower down sales.

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Coconut oil first became popular because of its boosting effect on the immune system. As more research was conducted, it was discovered that coconut oil contains saturated fat, and all of a sudden, its popularity with health buffs declined drastically over the past years.

From being the most-used and popular superfood, it is now starting to fall back to the bottom of the list. Although this isn’t the first time this has happened to a hyped food.

This year, other superfoods like ghee and butter are taking over the top spot for healthy fat consumables.

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