Cinnamon – Superfood?

It can now be said that cinnamon is a superfood. It is found in a recent study for the very first time that if the cinnamon powder is added to the diet it slows and even halts the progress of the neurodegenerative disease.

This is possible because of the presence of NaB or sodium benzoate in cinnamon.

Anti-inflammatory properties?

This is naturally produced in the body after consumption of cinnamon. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can even be used in treating multiple sclerosis.

Cinnamon reduces or halts Parkinson’s at the cellular level by protecting the proteins Parkin and DJ-1 that are reduced in the brain tissues that are affected by Parkinson’s

The next step will of course be to test this method’s effectiveness in
human trials. Millions of people are affected by Parkinson’s worldwide,
and current treatments can be extremely expensive.

Studies like this one, which focus first on understanding how the disease works and then
look for simple ways to halt that progression, will hopefully lead to
improvements in treatment efficacy and a reduction in ………………… r

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