Chia, Quinoa And Coconut Water -“Superfoods” Testing

Take a walk down almost any grocery aisle and you’re going to spot this stuff we’re not talking about ordinary foods.

We’re talking about super foods we review the label on about a hundred products one thing we learn and you’re talking about super foods.

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Video summary:

Usually that means super prices let’s talk about some of the things that are in these products Omega threes proteins electrolytes these things sure sounds super.

But are they really it’s time to find out this is your marketplace first up coconut water we’re getting ready to put this popular drink through a stress test.

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Iit’s tap water versus coconut water on the street there’s no contest how are you why choose it over just tap water it’s more hydrating it has electrolytes.

So I’m a cyclist so when I go on long rides it’s better fuel what have you heard about coconut water hydrates better than water and you believe it yes because it’s more more refreshing.

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What about for hydration yeah very much yeah hydrating yeah I can’t war heard about that really you think it’s 10 times more hydrating than regular water I think originally.

I heard as maybe electrolytes it something like that to help me man there’s more than just water and they may have gotten some of those ideas from years of advertising like this if you want the ultimate ride you need the ultimate hydration.

Hhydration who comes naturally it’s loaded with electrolytes so it’s incredibly hydrating and that’s really the key coconut water is costly prices range from $3 to 650 a liter more importantly you’re metabolizing all of the great stuff that’s inside of much higher rates five times more potassium than a banana. Learn more in the video.