BLUE Veggies Are The New “GREEN”, Find Out Why!

Blue Vegetables

Blue superfoods are taking over the world, as it outshines the green leafy vegetables!

– More and more health conscious people are turning their attention to the blue stuff.
– There’s a “blue food movement” that highlights the significance of these blue food products.
– According to experts, blue foods may even be healthier than the usual green leafy veggies.

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As 2019 is about to hit mid-year, we may be in for so many surprises! Health experts just recently declared that blue foods are discovered to possess better and higher nutritional value than the ever-popular green leafy veggies.

The secret lies in the fact that these blue stuff are rich in antioxidant, thanks to the plant compound anthocyanin that’s found in high concentration among blue-colored crops such as blueberries, blackberries, beetroot, red cabbage, and purple carrots.

Some of the known benefits that anthocyanin brings include the protection of the body’s cells from damage, and the reduction of inflammation in the body.

Can you just imagine how healthy these substances would be if you juiced them?

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