Best 🥝 Superfoods For A Raw Vegan Diet ( Video )

I have another exciting episode for you today. We’re on a field trip and we are here at Las Vegas.

And this is a health food store. Now one of the interesting things about Pure Health is that it’s actually owned by people who eat raw food.

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Video summary:

They’ve been into raw foods for about 10 years. They’ve owned the store for about 5 years. So it’s a really unique combination.

Most health food stores prior won’t let me in the door with my camera and film in there because they know I’m gonna talk stuff against all the products but actually I’m really welcome in here to talk stuff about the products because the owners have this probably many same opinions that I do on many of the supplements in there.

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One of the components that they do here is that they do education and they wanna teach their customers how to be healthy, including things like raw foods and juices, because in my opinion, that’s definitely the answer to health.

Because health doesn’t come in a bottle. Anyways, what I’m gonna do today is we’re gonna go inside the store. I’m gonna go ahead and give a tour to you guys.

And show maybe some good supplements and and the bad supplements. Some of the things you may need and some of the things you may not need as somebody into raw food. More infos in the video.