What Are The Benefits Of 🍫 Cocoa Nibs❓

What Are The Benefits Of 🍫 Cocoa Nibs❓

So, many people actually always ask us what are cocoa nibs?

So, cocoa nibs are actually where chocolate starts. It’s the cocoa bean after it’s been taken out of its shell.

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Video summary:

You guys probably eat a lot of dark chocolate. I know we both do, and cocoa nibs are just much higher in antioxidants than 70% dark chocolate, because that actually contains a lot of sugar still.

It actually has four times more antioxidants than dark chocolate. And it’s known to fight fat, as well as improve cognitive function.

So, cocoa nibs actually contain a lot of feel good chemicals, including anandamide. Anandamide is often referred to as the bliss molecule, because it elevates your mood and stabilizes it.

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So, cocoa nibs are actually really good for a woman during her menstrual cycle. I need more herbs.  It’s also super good for your cardiovascular system and heart, and prevents premature aging, which we love as women.

Of course. Now that we’ve gone through the benefits, and kind of explained to you what it is, we’re gonna show you an easy little recipe. We’re gonna use the sweet nibs, MCT, our Wild Whey chocolate flavor, and a little bit of nut milk.  Alright guys, so, here we have our sweet nibs, which are so friggin’ delicious.

They are sweetened a little bit with organic coconut sugar. If you’re gonna have any sugar, make sure it’s organic and coconut for that matter. And we’ve got our whey here from grass fed cows. 100% organic coconut MCT oil.

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A little bit of blueberries because we don’t need a lot. A lot of people like to fill the whole cup up. I would say just do like a third of it. And some ice. And that’s it.

And this is our super antioxidant smoothie, because we got blueberries and cocoa nibs, which have more antioxidants that anything else practically. I want all the antioxidants. Mmm! So good