1,300 DIETICIANS Have Spoken: LIST of THE BEST Superfoods… Check It Out!

LIST of THE BEST Superfoods… Check It Out!

Finally, a survey has been concluded and 1,300 registered nutrition and dietician have listed the TOP superfoods!

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– Registered Nutrition and Dietician is a profession that helps people know the nutritional values of each food.
– NOT all superfoods are the same and offer the same amount of nutrition.
-A survey was participated by 1,300 Registred Dieticians and they have agreed that these are the top superfoods.

Here are the top 5 superfoods according to these professionals:

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1) Ancient Grains
One of the most popular grains known is Quinoa, which can be used in many menus such as salad and baked products.

2) Avocados
This fruit has more than 20 various vitamins and minerals to offer, aside from being fiber-rich, it also has potassium, vitamin E, vitamin, B, vitamin C, and even folic acid.

3) Beets
This superfood is best known for minimizing the risk of several chronic and life-threatening diseases.

4) Blueberries
One of the best sources of phytochemicals, these superfoods are great in managing inflammation in a natural way. It’s also known to reduce the risk of cancer.

5) Coconut Products
Coconut may be here for a reason, even though some people may be a bit surprised to see it on the list. This is actually a commonly found superfood in the kitchen especially in the form of cooking oil.

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