10 Superfoods 🍓 You Can Grow in Your Backyard ( Video )

10 Superfoods You Can Grow in Your Backyard

There is nothing better than growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Especially superfoods that can stretch your wallet at the grocery store many superfoods can be grown right in your backyard and the benefits go further than saving cash.

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They’re packed with nutrients and you have peace of mind that your produced has been grown organically here are our favorite superfoods to grow at home.

One blueberries each small berry packs a punch of antioxidants and fire flavonoids they are a top pick by doctors and nutritionists because they lower your risk of heart disease and cancer while acting as an anti-inflammatory.

There is a blueberry for every garden small tall semi evergreen deciduous blue or pink one easy pick his sunshine blue with ornamental qualities and exceptional taste this variety thrives in zones five to ten and is semi evergreen.

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In fall and winter its bluish gray leaves transformed to crimson making it an ideal four season plant to will note the popular grain in the food world when though is touted to be packed with protein and fiber.

Although it hails from South America you can grow it in your own backyard the grained is harvested from the dried seed pods we like the variety called brightest brilliant rainbow the seeds can be harvested in 90 to 120 days.

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But in the mean time it creates visual interest in your garden three kale type of dreams are healthy for the body but kale is a powered house it is rated as one of the best veggies for absorbing free radicals which have been linked to diabetes Alzheimer’s and rheumatoid