Can Superfoods Help Fight Fatigue?

Do you feel exhausted and tired all the time even after having a good night’s sleep?  Do you get irritated at the thought of having to go to the party or workout? Many of us are constantly followed by fatigue and related issues but we hardly look deeper to identify the cause for the same. You may feel that you are eating right but look deeper – is your body actually getting the nutrition it requires? When there’s lack of adequate nutrition, your body tends to get sluggish and you feel tired and exhausted all the time.

How to re-energize your body?

If you want to spring back to life and feel active again, it’s not hard. All you need to do is include superfoods in your diet, get some daily exercise, eat light. Fill your body with fluids and see the difference it creates in your life.

Believe it or not – eating wrong foods are one of the main culprits that make your body sluggish and tired. Remember that your body requires a balance of essential nutrients such as fats, protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in order to function properly. When there’s a lack of enough nutrition, you feel irritable and tired and this sometimes lead to poor diet choices.
Superfoods that help fight fatigue?

To start with, your body needs protein to improve mental concentration and energy. Consider eating more of the plant-based proteins such as buckwheat and quinoa products to give your body a boost of energy.

Zinc is another essential mineral that fights fatigue, and to ensure that your body gets enough zinc, consume foods high in zinc and this helps in quickly converting body fat into energizing fuel. The good sources of zinc are mushrooms, dark chocolate, and peanuts.

Other superfoods that can help increase your energy levels without making you gain weight are sweet potatoes. A recent study revealed that women who ate one cup of sweet potatoes daily were able to feel less fatigue in as less as three days. Sipping on ginseng tea may also help boost the energy levels by 50 percent.

When there’s lack of iron in the body, it can’t carry oxygen to the tissues and this causes you to crave for certain foods, hence it is recommended that you also eat superfoods rich in iron such as spinach, egg yolks, dried fruits, leafy greens, cereals and grains, artichokes, dates, broccoli chicken and beans to name a few.

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